Refresh Old Twist-out Natural Black Hair

We all love wearing twist-outs, especially on the first day we do them. The curls are perfect. The shine is luminous. And the flexibility and movement of the hair strands is similar to jello, nice and supple. But what do you do when the tussling from your night-time routine leave you with frizzy, dull, dry hair in the morning?

I have had one too many instances where my hair looked fabulous; then the next morning my springy curls turned into limp, lifeless coils and knots. We all have had “bad hair moments” with our twist-outs. But we do not have to allow those moments to escalate into “bad hair days.”

I use a really simple technique to revive my curly hair when it needs a little pick-me-up. One thing that my fine, natural hair has taught me is that less is more. I use two types of hair products and two simple hair techniques to get the beautiful curly hair that I desire.

The Two Type of Hair Products I use
to Refresh My Natural Hair

  1. Water with a tablespoon of Aloe Vera Juice
  2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Two Hair Styling Techniques
I must use to Revive My Natural Hair

  1. Rubbing a light oil on the tips of my hair
    and clump the ends together into a coil
  2. crunching and bunching of my curls

Why You Should Keep Your Hair Products 
Simple When Your Natural Hair is Dull 

The last thing you want to do is add heavy hair products to hair that is already limp and lifeless. It doesn’t matter how course your hair texture is, the only substance that will effectively revive, dull, dry natural hair is acidic water and/or heavily water-based hair products, such as light leave-in conditioners.

A nice light oil, such as extra virgin olive oil or grapeseed oil will add a nice sheen to your hair. They reflect light beautifully. Also, acidic water (with a pH lower than 7.0; higher than 4.0) works great to close the hair cuticle and create a natural shine. You do not need a miracle to get beautiful hair, just a few of nature’s dry hair cures, water and oil.

Why You Have to Learn The Hair Styling
That Your Dull Natural Hair
Immediately Responds To

Think of the hair-styling techniques that always work for your natural hair on bad twist-out hair days. The two techniques that I mentioned above are fool-proof for my hair texture. I always stop and look at the ends of my hair when I am attempting to refresh a twist-out. My hair is prone to knots so my attention goes to my ends. If my ends are frizzy and raggedy; then I go for the extra virgin olive oil and get to rubbing it onto my hands and fingertips.

I grab a small section of hair ends and I clump them together into a circular motion and create a coily curl. This simple technique will not only ensure that the ends of the hair are moisturized; it will also help to polish them up a bit. I continue to coil my ends until most of my ends look nice and neat.

Another technique I must do to revive a dull-looking twist-out is crunch my curls. Crunching natural hair is one of those simple hair styling techniques that make a subtle, but noticeable difference in the shape and volume of your twist-out. I coil my ends and crunch my hair until I have big, fluffy twist-out.

Watch me refresh my twist-out on black natural hair

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